April 30, 2010

BB's Sensory Tub

Tara at Feels Like Home posted about her daughter's sensory tub yesterday. Since BB loves digging, I knew he'd like this activity. I had the idea to make BB's tub into a scavenger hunt.

I put some rice and popcorn kernels in a Rubbermaid container. I then went around the house and found some small toys to bury in the container.

Any good scavenger hunt has a list to check off, so I made one for BB using my printer's scanner. When BB found an item, he matched up the item with the item's picture.

We've played with this 3 times already. After a while, I think I will change up the items hidden and add some more rice to make it a bit more of a challenge.

For a child that can read, the pictures could be omitted, requiring the child to match the item with the description of the item.


  1. I like this! I'll have to try it with my 3yo.



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