February 21, 2010

License Plate Project

A while back, I mentioned that I was on the lookout for some additional license plates for BB's room. Charlotte graciously responded and mailed me some plates that she had. After connecting the plates together with book rings, I was able to make this valance for BB's window. Pretty fitting for a room (and a little boy) that is all about cars!

Thank you, Char!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! I wish I had walked into his room and seen it in person last night! I may be stealing this idea, just to give you a heads up. :) (If we're having another boy, that is.)

  2. That is the coolest idea ever!
    Great job mama!

  3. Likin' it! (By the way, the "unca" plate was a vanity plate. John's nieces and nephews used to call him that when they were little.)

  4. Really cute Heather. That Unca is me - my niece and nephew called me that from babyhood, so I enshrined it on a vanity plate. The JLU was Char's reliable old car we (sniff) sold when we married...wish we had it back now! Enjoy the room - John


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