December 13, 2009

Behind the Scenes: Christmas Tour '09

I'm sure y'all enjoyed the tour of my *spotless* home yesterday ;) Now that it's just back to my regular readers, I must confess that I get so nervous posting my house on a blog tour! Some of the ladies out there are a-ma-zing. I know this is terribly shallow, but I'll look at some of the houses and think that my house (which was perfectly acceptable 5 minutes ago) looks like a "before" picture.
Does anyone else out there go through that feeling? Sometimes I think blog tours (and maybe even blogs) seem like high school all over again. Don't get me wrong - I love blogging, and I love participating in tours. But there's an agonizing moment or two before I click on Mr. Linky to submit my contribution.
Not that any of you were intimidated by my photos ;), but I thought I'd share a few funny behind-the-scenes glimpses of my house before and during my attempt to stage it for the home tour. Just so you don't think my house is always that clean!

When I was setting up my Christmas village in the front hallway, I could not convince BB that the road was for the villagers and not his racecars. I fear that some of the village people had horrible accidents with no medical attention. Thankfully, BB stopped mowing down the villagers after I put the marching band on the road. Now BB just rearranges them so that they look like they're drunk ;)One drawback to being an only child is that you grow up with everything being about you. Sure, your parents may try to place the emphasis elsewhere, but you're not fooled. In true only-child fashion, I was asked to take several pictures of race cars during my home photo shoot. Why would I want to take a picture of anything else?

I also had to snap a few of the boy himself. He is a pretty cute subject, don't you think?
Most of my pictures had to be taken on the sly, lest BB come running into the picture.
The photo shoot extended into naptime, which led to a rather irrational arguement about whether or not I could take a picture of this bookshelf. Why didn't I just put him down for his nap?
Since so many people show delectable goodies as part of their home tour, I decided to make something. Unfortunately, what I had on hand was the making of Rice Krispy Treats. I tried to Christmastize them with red and green decorating gel, but I wasn't too successful.
Oh, well. At least BB had fun.
In the interest of full disclosure, during my photo shoot, there was a roving mound of junk. Including, but not limited to, unsorted mail, a fast-food drink cup, a dust rag, and tape. There were also a few cars that were hurriedly knocked out of the way, and several requests made by me for BB to get dressed. Again.


  1. What a fun behind-the-scenes look! I enjoyed this just as much as your house tour, probably because I can relate!!! And it isn't just an only child that wants a picture taken of his things and picture of himself! My kids are the same way. So fun to see a glimpse of your picture project. (And I can also relate to feeling nervous about posting certain is hard to avoid the comparison game. )

  2. All I can say is phew. I have finally met someone who feels the same way that I do. You had me at shoveling piles from place to place to avoid being in a picture...especially random piles of mail, shoes, dog toys, etc. Thank you ...I needed that! Also thanks for stopping by today. Merry Christmas!

  3. I totally get what you are saying! I entered a Make it With What You Have blog party a couple of months ago and redid a lampshade for the study. My husband said that he liked it, but beside all of the amazing projects, I thought that it looked craptacular. ;)

    Thank you for stopping by on the home tour!


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