October 28, 2009

Master Bedroom

At our old house, the master bedroom was a room that was never finished. Since most people never see the master bedroom (unless the owner blogs ;D), there wasn't a reason to spend money on it. Also, we had a lot of stuff in a small house, which led to our bedroom becoming a catch-all.
A lot of the things DH and I would like to do to this house are things that will have to wait. When we had our house inspected, the inspector mentioned that we would need to re-roof in the next few years, so we're trying to save up for that. Not to mention we now have a larger mortgage payment. With all this in mind, I wanted our bedroom to be fairly close to done. That way, I could at least go there at the end of the day and relax, without looking around and making a mental list of things to do.
There is one problem, though - the furniture. DH and I have never bought any furniture for our master bedroom. Instead, we use the French Provincial furniture that my parents bought for me when I was a little girl. I love the furniture and I can't bear to part with or paint the furniture. At some point, the furniture can be moved into the guest bedroom, but there are no funds to replace the furniture at this time. So I have to decorate with the furniture, which means that DH is stuck with a girly bedroom.
When we moved in, the light fixture below was in the master bedroom. I think it goes pretty well with my furniture, but it was a bit much for DH ;)

So we swapped it out for the light fixture below, which not only has a fan (a must for summer), but is also brighter. The best part is that it was clearance at Lowe's :)

The walls were painted Strawberry Malt by Valspar. At some point, we would like to paint the ceiling (a previous owner painted it a beige color) and add some crown molding.

A view from the doorway. The master bedroom has a 60"L x 35"H window. I was stumped as what to do with it initially, until I realized that our queen bed would fit perfectly under the window. While Z and I were at the Habitat for Humanity resale store, I spotted these shutters for $3/set. They just happen to fit the window. DH installed them using a track set designed for a closet bi-fold door. All in all, I think we spent around $30 on the window. In the future, I might put something else up to disguise the hardware mounted on the wall and the track along the bottom of the window. As always, I'm open to suggestions.

The closed door leads to the master bathroom. You won't see pictures of the mater bathroom until it is redone. Harvest gold and brown are all I'm going to say. That, and 30-year-old sink and toilet. Must save up for a roof. Must save up for a roof...

At some point, I'd like to fit a small but comfortable chair in this room. Perhaps by arranging some of the furniture, I will be able to fit it in this corner where the lamp is.

The door on the right leads to the closet. Our old house had the closet adjoining the bathroom, and it is so nice to have the two separate. To the left, out of the photo, is the bedroom doorway.
That's all the photos of the house for now. I hope to be able to show you our front room next week, but that all depends on how productive we are this weekend.


  1. That was my furniture growing up! It's at my Mom's house now.

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  3. Your room looks great! And extra bonus that you found that fan on clearance. Awesome!

  4. It looks nice, I really like the window above your bed. Good luck with further makeover. As a matter of fact, I have written an article regarding bedrooms staging a couple of days ago. You might perhaps find it useful.


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  6. I think it turned out very pretty!!

  7. Your room is very attractive and appears to be a very nice size, because you have a lot of furniture in there! I just had the chest, dresser with mirror, and desk; and I passed them on to my daughter.

    The headboard? I got gutsy one afternoon and spray painted it black, and it turned out so neat. It lived for a while in our guest room with lots of black-framed pictures above it.

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  9. I'm really digging those dressers and chests in that bedroom. Lately, I've been noticing a lot of cool lift beds with storage.


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