September 21, 2009

Of Trains and TV

BB hasn't been allowed to watch TV today. I was a bit hesitant to hand out the no TV sentence because I was afraid it would be more punishment for me than for him. I've been pleasantly surprised at his reaction. He has talked about the TV, and has shown me videos that he wants to watch, but has (so far) accepted my denial. He has quite willingly played with his toys, read books, and played with Play-Dough.

One of the toys that he got out to play with today is his train set. We had high hopes for this train set when we bought it for him, but he has rarely played with it. Part of it was probably because of his age, but I wonder how much of it was because he was occupied by the TV? He doesn't watch a lot of TV, but between watching programs and anticipating a program coming on, a lot of his attention during the day is spent on TV. Looking back on today, I wonder if he has missed out because he's watched TV this past year.

He made this train track set-up today, without assistance. Would he have made this if he had watched TV? Granted, it did take him most of the day to complete, as he has taken several breaks to do other things. But it's still impressive for a 3-year-old!
Could the anti-TV crowd be right?


  1. I try to make a point of turning off the TV at different intervals during the day, even if the kids want to watch a show. It might make them upset for a few minutes, but eventually they get over it and find something else to do! It's great that BB did that all on his own!

  2. I'm sure the break did him some good... maybe you should make it a reoccuring theme at different times of the week... just so that there is variety. I think there are some good things that come from certain programs on TV, but nothing beats the time for using your imagination... so mix it up! :-)

  3. Owen loves TV, too, but I'm trying to get him more involved in playing. It seems he doesn't know how to entertain himself. He always wants to be entertained and I wonder how much of that has to do with TV. :-(

  4. I've been guilty of letting my kids watch too much T.V, but have also noticed that when I enforce the "no TV" rule they actually do play with their toys.
    Go figure.
    I think everything in moderation is good.

  5. Hey Heather. Goodness you have been a long time follower then. It has almost been a year since Olive Rue was created. Anyway, thanks for stopping in and commenting on the new blog banner. I love your background. Very retro mod.

  6. I find that tv only on Saturdays, as a rule, serves us very well. If it's too wet to go out on a weekday, or if school work is finished early, occasionally I'll surprise them and suggest they watch a show.

    It is amazing to me that the bickering and general fussiness all but disappears on days without tv.

  7. Hmmm... I don't want to get labelled as one of the "anti-tv crowd", but I **will** say that I think you're onto something ;)

    Everyone's situation is different, but a little less tv couldn't hurt, right?


    P.S. Your little guy is adorable. My Little Dude will be 3 in February - can't believe how old he's getting!


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