July 13, 2009

EA Sports Active: Day One

As readers of my blog know, I am trying to fit into a dress for a wedding August 1st. As of right now, the dress doesn't zip all the way up. I have 18 days left to get into the dress. Yikes!
You may remember that I posted about Frugal Upstate hosting a giveaway of EA Sports Active in an attempt to win the game. Well, I won the game! Jenn promptly sent me my copy of the game, and it arrived last Thursday. I am going to try to use the game every day between now and the wedding, in addition to my regular outings at the gym. Hopefully the increase in exercise, combined with monitoring what I eat more closely, will zip the dress up the last little bit. If not, does anyone know if they sell white duct tape?
I'm not going to post about the game every day, but I will post about my progress on the game from time to time. Today, I spent 19(?) minutes doing exercises with the game, and according to the game, I burned 133 calories (funny how I remember EXACTLY the calories, but I have to guess at how long it took). I'm sure that if I had exerted myself more with the running part I would have done even better.
Overall, I like the game. There was a learning curve for me, but I'm not terribly coordinated. None of the exercises I did today are hard to do, I just had to get my form right. I like the fact that the game told me when my form was off. As I understand it, having the correct form can really effect the results you get from exercising.
The running exercise was frustrating for me because the game didn't think I was moving fast enough when I thought that I was. But the game probably thinks I'm in better shape than I am ;) I also felt a little silly running in place while holding a game remote, which might have also affected my mobility.
At the end of the exercising, the game charts your progress and saves it for future comparison. I'm looking forward to seeing how I progress. I have one more trip to take before the wedding, and this game is going with me on the trip!


  1. You can do it! That's awesome that you're using video games to get in shape; best of luck. ^_^

  2. I got your gift in the mail yesterday. You are AMAZING. Although, I feel TERRIBLE because the Kingdom Swap section was not for things *I* was needing/offering, I was just listing them for readers!

    But just so you know, you totally made my anniversary!

  3. You know - the thing with the running - if I jog around and actually MOVE... my pace is more steady than when I'm running in place. I feel like it is fairly steady when running in place, but the Wii doesn't agree. So try moving around - I can make it in a circle around my first floor and it is all fine and the pace is VERY steady that way.


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