July 30, 2009

David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling

My life is now complete. Because, really, after seeing this, what else is there left to do? After you watch, I want to know what YOUR favorite moment is. Trust me - you want to comment on this post!


  1. Oh no. Please no. This is just so cheesy, I can't even believe it. I think I laughed throughout the entire thing, especially when he was flying.

    So sad.

  2. That's AWFUL! That's on the same level as this debacle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lul-Y8vSr0I

  3. Seriously, is this a spoof or something? That was absolutely ridiculous. Flying as he holds onto his motorcycle, flying in the air with angels, meeting himself, an alien-head, and the fish in the mouth. Wow. That was weird.

    Thanks for the laugh, Heather!

  4. All three of our kids (including Wendy) wanted to watch this over and over again. :)

  5. My favorite part was seeing David in his tux....swoon.......I remember the crush I had on him when he was on the Young and the Restless...he was the bomb!

  6. Heather, did you watch the video of him eating a hamburger while stinking drunk? Oh dear. It was so sad and pitiful, and combined with this video and Baywatch, it pretty much makes me lose all respect for him (not that I had much to begin with).

    I remember when he was "Snapper" on the Young and the Restless, and my mom thought he was so gorgeous. What happened?


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