April 10, 2009

DIY Kitchen Island

What's that? Why yes, I do have a kitchen island! I was inspired by LoraLynn's recent kitchen island project, and I decided to make one for my own. I think it turned out pretty well.
I used this desk that I got from Goodwill several years ago. The desk has a matching bookshelf that sits on top, but that shelf is in storage for now. Since the desk is a little shorter than a typical countertop, DH drilled holes in the bottom of the desk legs and installed rolling casters. I wanted ones that lock into place, but they weren't compatible with the desk legs. So far, I haven't had any problems with it rolling away.

We also added wood to the top to raise it a bit more, and also for aesthetics. At 34", the island is still a bit lower than the countertop, but since I'm short, it's just right for me. The wood we used was a stain-grade wooden shelf. We didn't want to mar the top of the desk, so the wood is held in place by the non-slip rubber grip stuff that you use to line cabinets with.

Since the back of the desk wasn't finished, we bought some beadboard to cover the back. I painted the stripes with leftover wall paint we already had. Now that I'm looking at this picture, I guess I should go back and paint the screw heads as well.
I'm still looking for a shelf of some sort to put where the chair is supposed to go on the desk. I haven't found anything that fits the measurements yet, which leads me to think that I'll have another DIY project soon.
Considering we only spent $50, I'm pleased with how my kitchen island turned out. Much cheaper than a kitchen island from a store! When it's time for the island to go back to being a desk, I'll just pick up the wooden shelf, pull the caster out of the desk legs, and set the bookshelf back on top!


  1. Super cute! Great idea! On our last kitchen island, I did chalkboard paint on the back so my kids could be entertained in the kitchen. I miss that chalkboard now!

  2. I am so impressed! Really, that is such a beautiful island-- so much homier than a store-bought one!

    I like the idea of chalkboard paint, too!

  3. that is so awesome! super cute!

  4. That looks great! You all did a good job. :)


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