March 25, 2009

Easy (and free!) Wall Art

I recently rearranged my kitchen to make room for an island (more on that in a future post). After some furniture was moved about, I was left with an empty wall. I abhor empty walls. I searched around for some vintage/retro art that I liked, but I couldn't' find anything that struck me as "it." Thinking on what The Nester says about shopping the house, I looked around to see what I could use to solve my problem.
I found:

1 16" x 20" poster frame, minus the glass.

Since the frame was missing it's glass, I decided to have my art be 3D. I knew that I needed to disguise the cardboard, so I covered it with black construction paper. I initially was going to spray paint the cardboard, but it was raining outside.
As you can see, 3 sheets of construction paper didn't quite cover it completely, but it covered enough for my purpose.
On the cardboard, I stretched out a clean, pressed apron that my best friend Z gave me for a housewarming present. I love this apron, and I wear it a lot. However, I was starting to worry that I might mess it up if I kept wearing it. As you can tell, the apron strings are kinda messy in the back, but it doesn't matter. I used masking tape because I know I can peel the tape off the apron and the cardboard with no damage done if I change my mind. I popped the cardboard into the frame -
Tada! Nearly instant free art!
I thought the art still needed a little something, so I made a bow out of some ribbon that was on a present I received last fall.


  1. I love creativity! And isn't it fun to decorate knowing your didn't spend anything? I guess I'm weird that way!

  2. That's so cute! I love the idea of framing an apron. Awesome. :)

  3. Good job, Hea. Very creative.

  4. You are so creative! I love this. Can you come fix me up?

  5. I love that. I would never be able to make anything that nice but I love it. Plus, I love the sentence in the picture. :)

  6. Oh that is so cute! I need that in my


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