February 23, 2009

Advice Needed

DH and I are replacing the cabinet hardware in our house. We currently have ugly gold knobs. Really ugly. We're trying to do some relatively inexpensive upgrades with lights, cabinet hardware and faucets to make our house more appealing when we put it on the market.
We have a brushed nickel light fixture over the kitchen table. While the kitchen light is changeable, we don't want to change more than we have to.
In the bathrooms, we have chrome light fixtures as well as chrome cabinet knobs on the medicine chests. We just redid the light fixtures in the bathrooms (well, we really only have 1 up so far), so we're keeping the chrome in there. There is only 1 cabinet in each bathroom that would require a cabinet knob.
The choices are:

Chrome - you can't tell too much from the picture, but this is super shiny. I'm thinking it would also show fingerprints, etc. really easy. Since we already have chrome in the bathrooms, I'm thinking we should do chrome knobs at least in the bathrooms. Does the kitchen and the bathroom hardware have to match?
Brushed nickel - this matches the existing light fixture in the kitchen. To me, I'd think this would be similar enough to the chrome - what do you think?
Black - this is a matte black. I really don't care for this one. By the way, we are going to paint our kitchen walls what Sherwin Williams calls "Softer Tan" - a neutral color. I don't want to repaint the kitchen, but I can't see the yellow being a big draw.
Antique Bronze - I personally like this one the best, but we'd have to change the light fixture in the kitchen for sure.
Any opinions? Am I overlooking something?

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