January 15, 2009

Sad Little Baby

BB was highly distraught last night. He kept saying over and over, "I wanna put it in my mouth. Wanna put drink in my mouth, mommy!" But mean old mommy wouldn't listen to the baby. Can you blame me when this was the drink?
BTW, I hate the new label. Rest assured, Renee, this was my last farewell soda. I will be drinking diet for the next 99 days!


  1. Isn't the new label just awful? Its so ugly! If Mountain Dew is your name, then the full word Mountain should be somewhere on the bottle at least.

  2. I hate the new label too. Stupid.

    Poor BB. My kids love pop too, but they aren't allowed to have it, except if we go out for pizza or something.

    Soon, there will be no more pop in our house (I hope), so it won't be an issue anymore.

  3. My daughter calls it dew and would love to get her hands on it!


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