January 18, 2009

My Smittened Son

A friend and her family came down last weekend for a baby shower. She has a little girl slightly younger than BB. I offered to watch her daughter while she attended the shower. BB had never had anyone come over to the house to play with him before. He spent the first hour or so of the play date like this:
Anything she did was fascinating to him. I would give him things to do and he would ignore it, focusing instead on her.
She spent the majority of her time like this, only occasionally glancing his way.

She discovered my piano and helped herself to the bench. BB decided to join her.
He tried to show her the best way to get volume (use your elbows).
He banged extra loud.
She was not impressed.
In the end, they played well together. He refers to her as baby, even though I tried to teach him her name. It has been over a week and he still asks about her. It is too bad she lives several hours away. Long-distance relationships rarely work out.

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