January 15, 2009

7 Quick Takes 1/16/09

1) I find it inspiring that so many of the Catholic blogs I come across mention going to daily mass. I think this sounds like a wonderful idea for any denomination to implement. I know that God is wherever we are and the church is merely a building, but wouldn't it be nice to set aside a portion of each day to go to a specific place and be in God's presence? Yes, I know that daily devotions and the notion of have a prayer closet (or any set place in your home for devotions) would essentially do the same. I guess I am influenced a lot by aesthetics; a somber atmosphere, a beautiful building, some lit candles, and I will frequently feel overwhelmed with the power and majesty of God. Likewise, cheerful music, wide, open light and flowers fills me with joy and makes me want to praise my Savior. I have no idea how I got this way, as I have always been in a Baptist church (which tend to be dreary).
2) I recently did a meme that asked if I had ever had enough money. I answered yes, in reference to my childhood. I noticed that many people who did the same meme also answered yes. I wonder if they, too, were referring to childhood.
3) I participate in a lot of blog carnivals (such as this one) and I try to leave a comment on nearly everyone's blog that I visit for these carnivals. I think that blogging is helping me become a nicer person, on the internet at least. I am getting much better at easily thinking of nice things to say about a person's post.
4) For those of you whose blogs I visit regularly, I do try to leave comments often unless I see that 238 people have already said something. And sometimes I just don't have anything to say, or at least nothing that wouldn't be misconstrued. I have a very sarcastic and often dry sense of humor which tends to offend those who don't know me well.
5) I'm trying to come up with a way to exercise that involves BB. I've thought about getting a bike and one of those bike trailers for kids. Has anyone personally tried this? The guys at the bike store say that trailers are great, but I think they're biased. How hard is it to turn and otherwise maneuver with this? Is there a learning curve? Also, keep in mind that I am fat. Hopefully not for too much longer, but I currently am. Will pulling one of these things be really hard to do? I don't want to feel like a plow horse. I already look like one.
6) Why, oh, why, do I like musicals and plays and live where I live? I like small towns but I long for the "culture" of a big city. It's just not the same listening to the soundtrack.But even when a traveling version comes to the nearest big city, the tickets are still too expensive to go. No point here, just thought I'd whine.
7) Any good music recommendations? I want to find new music, but I'm no good at picking stuff up at random. See my playlist for ideas on my music styles. I must also confess a love for 80's and 90's music, which is not really represented on my playlist.
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  1. Hey Heather!
    About the bike trailer - we have one and LOVE it! Steve and I tried one years ago when visiting my parents in CA (when we only had Jill). We really enjoyed it. Then last year I found a new one at Goodwill from Target. It was priced at $50.00, but I got it for half off. Yeah! A brand new bike trailer for $25. It doesn't look so new anymore, but we like it. Now Jill rides her own bike, Daniel and Wendy both ride in the trailer. Usually Steve pulls it on his bike, but it's not difficult. I don't even think the weight is noticeable. It's definitely not hard to maneuver. I like it because I feel like the kids are relatively safe in it. I never wanted to get one of those seats that go on the parent bike - I was always so afraid of falling down and hurting my child, but the trailer is so low and stable that the kids are not going anywhere.

    So, that was a long answer, but the YES - get one! You'll love it! BB will love it! It's safe and easy. I hope you can find a great deal.

  2. I'm gonna take a stab at this, only 'cause I'm in a Catholic education class learning about my faith. Since Catholics believe in transubstantiation, the actual changing of the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ, we believe that Christ is not only spiritually present when we go to church, but is physically really there. This is why so many go every day to be in the presence of God. It is truly a unique and special experience and place to those in this faith.

  3. Heather, I dare say I think you're jonesing for a Catholic RCIA class, but either don't know it or are afraid. Talk with me more about that if you want.

    The bicycle trailer-someone gave us one, but since we can't figure out how to attach it, we haven't tried it out yet.

  4. For musicals, you might try your local high school. All ours put on at least one musical per year, and some of them are actually fairly decent!

  5. I too have grown up in the baptist church. I read a lot of Catholic blogs and I really respect the difference I see there, especially in reference to daily mass. I've been reading more about Catholicism, but I'm a little afraid to take a real step into finding more.

  6. Yes, knowing that Jesus Christ Himself makes an appearance at Daily Mass and we actually receive His body and blood in Eucharist, kind of hard to resist! I definitely believe I am able to be a better mother/wife because of it... without Him, I could never walk on this water. :)

    As for the bike trailer, I have a neighbor who has one, and he will take my girls for a spin around the block every once in a great while. They love it!

  7. Hi Heather:

    Thanks for the comments on keeping my son on task with school. We are wrestling with a bunch of stuff, his adoption was just a few months ago and we are really just still getting to know each other.

    With regards to the Catholic faith, it's not a place I ever though I wanted to go (back to), but now it's not a faith I could do without.

  8. I'm a different "Charlotte" the the poster above. :)

    Regarding new music... Go to www.pandora.com. Put in an artist or song that you like & they play similar music. I've found some great new music through that site.

    And, I think blogging and reading other blogs makes me nicer, too. At least this week. After a long break from the world of blogs & blogging it's been good to feel a teeny bit connected to others while at home with my kids.

  9. I’m extremely sarcastic, so feel free to say whatever floats your boat at my blog. I generally am wearing my big girl panties and reading everything in a sarcastic tone, anyway. LOL

    And, yes, I’ve had enough money. And, no, one never really has enough money for everything. But does one really need everything???

  10. I need to go to Daily Mass. I should at least try. But for some reason I always make excuses not to.

    I've read/been told that the bike trailers are not that safe. But I'm no expert.

    I have no music suggestions. Your taste seems too high-class for me. ;)

  11. "Singing in the Rain" is the apex of musicals -- and the movie is a fabulous version of it! I don't think you could tire of watching Gene Kelly.

    I do attend daily Mass on Thursdays with five kids -- when the kids aren't sick or in "adverse winter weather conditions". It seems that "practice makes perfect" and the kids' behavior at Sunday Mass really seemed to improve after we started going another day during the week. There were, however, many opportunities for me to "practice humility" with, ahem, distracting kids in those first years! A 2 yo son is good at keeping mom humble!

  12. Hey, I was going to suggest www.pandora.com for music. Enter in the name of a group you like and you will get lots of great recommendations. I am also a former Baptist who is now in a Catholic RCIA class. I can't wait to be able to participate in the Eucharist. My kids are really little, but in a few years I plan to make Mass a part of our homeschool routine a few days a week. Cheers.

  13. Thanks for commenting on my blog! It's so nice to find other parents (mostly mommies, daddies aren't very into handling the poo problems) who are dealing with this problem. Have you potty trained yet? Recently we have hit some really hard times. Literally. I've had to double her dosage so she can't choose not to go. Anyway, I'm not sure how old your son is, but if you hit any bad snags I'm more than willing to offer sympathy and any advice I may have.

  14. Ok, I know Pandora has been suggested on here twice already, but I have to agree. I listen to it every day at work. I have found some GREAT new artists this way. And you can set up multiple channels to listen to in case your mood changes. Just a tip though, if you put in a song title that you like, they won't actually play that particular song (copyright issues), but if you put in the artist's name, they will play a lot of songs by that artist (in addition to new stuff that sounds like that artist). Good luck!

  15. There's something to be said for practicing kindness, huh? You make a good point. I'm afraid blogging hasn't had the same effect on me. It's too easy to lurk!

    Have a great weekend, Heather.


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