January 27, 2009

I May Not Be Smart...

but even I can see that there's something wrong with tying contraception to improving the economy. I don't know how democrats really thought that this would make sense to anyone. Unless this was a smoke screen to distract us from what they really want to keep in the package. After all, if we're up in arms about them trying to sneak contraception into the bill, our attention will be diverted from what else is in the bill. Did you notice how quickly (and quietly) the contraceptive matter was dropped?
There is only one way that contraception could even feasibly improve the economy. That would be if those using the contraception are people who would only take from the economy via government programs without giving back to the economy through working. Pardon me, but aren't the democrats supposed to be the friend of the minority and the poor (the two groups most likely to receive government-funded contraceptives)? It seems to me that encouraging contraceptives would only limit their potential voter base in 20 years.


  1. Good point! Have a great day!

  2. You would not believe some of the bogus junk that is in that stimulus package. Ridiculous.

    Good points made in this post. Thanks for sharing.


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