October 3, 2008

Mommy's, Daddy's

BB has been going through the house determining which item belong to which person. The results so far:

bed: Daddy's
food: Daddy's
TV: Daddy's
computer: Daddy's
toilet: Daddy's
my jewelry: Daddy's

Sure sounds like it must be good to be Daddy, doesn't it? Let's keep looking. Surely something must be Mommy's...

oh, yes, we've found it...





  1. From a male perspective...I guess you should be happy it's the dishwasher and not just the dirty dishes!

    Thanks for sharing...hehe.


  2. I like your new look--pretty! I enjoy checking in with you. Reading about BB reminds me of my days with little ones in the house. Kids are full of surprises!

  3. I love your new background! Funny that BB thinks DH wears jewelry! That's almost as bad as you just having the dishwasher!


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