October 7, 2008

I Won!

Technically, I won by default since the first winner was unavailable. But hey, I still won! What did I win, you ask? I won a shoulder bag from act2greensmart This company makes all different types of bags out of recycled plastic bottles. (the site is full of the scientific and technical details, for those of you interested). I won the bag by entering a drawing that Tara held at her blog, Feels like home. I happened upon her blog last Wednesday while checking out the WFMW entries. Be sure to hop on over to her blog and check her out. She is funny, well-written, and she does a lot of great giveaways. If you're in the market for some invitations, cards, blog headers, or you need something written, she has a writing and design business that you need to check out. Look at the right side of her blog for more details. When I get my bag, I'll be sure to take lots and pics and give you a review!
For those of you who are interested, this is post #193. On post #200, I will be having a giveaway for commenters. Keep checking back, because you never know when I'll post!


  1. Isn't that pitiful? I've had my blog a whole year longer, and you are still 3 posts ahead of me. Oh well. It'll be fun for our readers (if I still have any)to enter two giveaways so close together.
    Congrats on your win!

  2. Congratulations! :) You'll hafta show it to me when you get it!


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