October 20, 2008

Hea's Got a Brand-New Bag!

It's here! My act2GreenSmart bag that I won arrived Friday.

As you can see, it has lots of room, lots of pockets...

I unloaded my purse, placed everything inside the bag, and I still had room for my camera. This bag would be great as a small diaper bag. The material is thick and appears really sturdy. Best of all, my bag is made from 10 16-oz plastic bottles, making it green and green! Thanks to Tara for hosting the giveaway and letting me know about these great bags. I will be getting a lot of use out of this bag next weekend!


  1. Congratulations again, Heather! I'm glad you love your new bag. :) Enjoy it!

  2. I need to get one. It will make up for the styrofoam cup I used last Saturday.


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