August 20, 2008

Top 10 Things I've Learned

...While Trying to Apply a Decorative Edge to a Wood Shelf:
10. Look to see if you have enough paint to cover all of the wood before you start painting.
9. Just because two containers of paint both say "white," doesn't mean that they are the same shade of white.
8. Cut all of the pieces and make sure that they fit together before gluing any pieces in place.
7. Glued wood is hard to take apart.
6. Make sure that the wood is in its correct place before gluing.
5. Do not attempt to smooth hot glue with your finger. Hot glue is hot.
4. When you cut corners, you lose length.
3. It's important to understand angles before you begin to cut corners.
2. A well-placed pretty linen over the edge of the shelf will cover a multitude of flaws.
1. Get someone else to do it.


  1. *LAUGHING* :) You are learning some very profound lessons! SO glad you are sharing them with us.
    You actually sound quite brave in your projecting endevors! :)
    Any pictures of the famous shelf?

  2. That's awesome Hea, haha. I'll do it for you next time... ;p

  3. Wendi: I plan on posting pics of all of the projects when I'm done with them, hopefully next week.

  4. If anyone can help you Zeez can!

    But trust me, we have some mistakes cleverly covered around our house as well. If you ever remodel your bathroom remember this: moulding is your friend. That's all I'm sayin'.

  5. Oh yes, I've learned all of these things the hard way as well.

    When I was pregnant with Cakesie, during my "nesting" phase, I attempted to hang some curtains. I won't go into detail (too traumatic), but let's just say that we refer to that whole episode as "that which must not be mentioned."

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