August 14, 2008

Artistic Endeavor

Next weekend, DH and my dad will replace the nasty carpet in our living room with hardwood flooring. Along with the new flooring, I am sprucing up the rest of the living room with some artwork and better curtains. I saw this picture at Snobby Mobby last Friday and I liked it, which is pretty rare for me. I have a hard time buying pictures and decorative items, mainly because I am too picky. Since I happened to actually like the picture, I went ahead and bought it using my 40% coupon. Now that I've had the picture for a few days, I have buyer's remorse. This typically happens to me when I buy stuff like this. Yesterday afternoon, I decided to see if I could make a companion picture to go along with the one I bought. The picture I make isn't as fancy, but it was cheap. Riding on the wave of success from the picture I created, I made another picture to go along with that one. What do you think of my handiwork? After making these two pictures, I believe that I am taking the first picture back to the store for a refund. The picture I bought is prettier than pictures I made, but I can't beat the cost of my pictures. I spent $25.68 on the store-bought picture, and $1.34 on the two handmade pictures ((I already had the frames and some of the materials). That comes out to a savings of $24.34. Pretty thrifty, huh?


  1. They're not only thrify but beautiful!!! You should be proud to hang them in your living room.

    And you are going to LOVE that hardwood floor--believe me! Worth every dollar.


  2. I agree, the pictures you made are very pretty, AND more original. You know how I love original.

    We have oak floors in our kitchen, living room, and hallways, and I LOVE THEM! They're gorgeous, and much easier to clean. My only complaint is that they're easily scratched and dented if you drop stuff on them (which I do. A lot). But you'll love them anyway!

  3. Great job Heather! The only thing that makes yours look less expensive is the lack of a bulky frame. If you wanted to make it look more like the store bought one, you could always use a dollar or two of your savings to get some frames at goodwill or SA and spray paint them to match. But they look great the way they are. I'm impressed. And you said you weren't crafty!

  4. Honestly, I like your rendition better! The colors you used make it more interesting than just the gold on the store bought one. You did a beautiful job and should appreciate the fact that you made them instead of bought them. I agree with Saige about the frames which are fine, but if you want them to look more "bought" then you could find some bigger ones later.

  5. Gorgeous pictures! They would look lovely on my kitchen walls.....*sigh*......and really, with that much money saved vs. the store-bought version, you ought to make them and sell them yourself!!

    I also wanted to let you know I edited my recent post to include some further information--there's now a link at the very top that should help. Great question!!

    In Him


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