June 28, 2008

So Smart

BB has several puzzles that he likes to play with, one of which is an alphabet puzzle. He is pretty good about putting the pieces in the correct order, when he doesn't decide to hide the pieces throughout the house. I've noticed that he recognizes several letters of the alphabet such as the letters in his name, R, and O. Today I decided to quiz him on his letters - just out of curiosity. He identified A, B, C, E, K, L, O, P, R, S, T, U, W, X, and Z. That's over half the alphabet! The thing that I find the most amazing thing about all of this is that I haven't been drilling him on his letters, or practicing with him. Pretty good for a little boy who is not even 2, I'd say! BTW, in the picture, BB is wearing his sunglasses. Indoors. He won't wear them outside or in the car. ;o


  1. What a bright boy (BB)! Recognizing that many letters - awesome - we have kindergarteners who have trouble mastering that many even after several months of school. I know you're proud of BB despite his preference of wearing his sunglasses indoors.

  2. What a smart kiddo! I hope he has a fun birthday next week. I'm a little exhausted from all the b'day festivities around here, family in town, etc... Noah had a lot of fun though...I need to post the Blue's Clues cake I made for his party. He loved it! (I was just relieved that it turned out!)


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