June 26, 2008

Old Before My Time

No, I'm not referring to the havoc that motherhood has wreaked on me. I think that I was born old. I've always seemed cautious and over-planned compared to my peers. For example:
1. When I was in 5th grade, my idea of a perfect outfit was a calf-length button-up denim skirt, a white collared shirt, and a brown button-up cardigan. Obviously, somewhere deep inside my DNA, there is a librarian patiently waiting to get out.
2. I've carried a sewing kit and a mini 1st aid kit in my purse since 3rd grade. I've used a few safety pins, but by and large, I've never needed either. Just to be safe, I regularly go through the kits to make sure that nothing is expired and everything is in good working order.
3. I used to carry an emergency information list in my wallet. This list told of my medical allergies, prescription drugs I was taking, emergency contacts, blood type, date of birth, and my doctor numbers. Since the rise of identity theft, I've ceased to carry this list; however, I frequently quiz DH and those I'm in frequent contact with about my information.
4. Most high school grads receive cash for graduation. I was no exception. I spent my money on sensible (1 1/2") high-heel shoes in tan, black and navy, good-quality undergarments in white, cream and black, a dress watch, some books, and some items I needed to finish fixing up my childhood doll house. Apparently, I thought that after high school I would be moving into an assisted-living facility instead of a college apartment.
5. For my high school graduation, my present from my parents was a set of sturdy matched luggage. I asked for this. I specified that I wanted a dark color to hide wear and tear.
6. When I was in junior high, I discovered some tray liners that my mom received as a wedding present. I used the liners to cover the top of my dresser, chest of drawers, etc. to protect the finish. I'm pretty sure that I would have also knitted doilies for an armchair if I had had one at the time.
7. Around my 10th Christmas, I started asking for practical presents instead of toys. To this day, my wish list consists of kitchen items, linens, etc.
8. I have refused to ride the rides at Six Flags or the fair since I was about 14, citing the dangers involved. Instead, I volunteer to hold purses, jackets, and what-not. I enjoy going to these places, but I feel that the workers employed there can't be trusted to set up and take down rides safely.
9. I've worn shorts to my knees, a t-shirt when I swim, and no tank tops in public for as long as I can remember. These were my rules, not my parent's rules. I also follow the no red, black or white to a wedding rule, the white shoe rule, and the dark colors to a funeral rule.
10. I keep a year-long running Christmas and birthday list. Whenever I think of something that I would like to have, I add the item to my list. When it comes time to tell people what I want, I carefully divide the list according to price and how easy certain items are to find. I then give each person a list, making sure that no one has the same items as another person.

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  1. I thought this was so cute! See, I find your planning, seriousness, and conscientious attention to detail very endearing (probably because I'm the same way!) I especially loved the "librarian patiently waiting to get out," and "assisted living facility instead of a college apartment," comments. Funny!


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