May 5, 2008

A Question

Is there any connection between BB suddenly wanting to be Mr. Nakedy-Butt 24/7 and potty training? He has decided that diapers are Public Enemy #1 and he has been caught numerous times flashing his nakedy butt. Should I start tying to potty train, or is 22 months too young? I don't want to make a battle or a big issue out of training, but it sure would be nice if he got a head start!


  1. I wouldn't worry about that too much. Sometimes guys just get to feelin' primitive. It's all a part of being a guy.

  2. They are all different and I don't think he is too young. I would use the dislike of diapers as an opportunity to help motivate him. Sam didn't go through a naked stage, but when I used pull ups she discovered they were easier to take off than diapers and left them all over. Just get him some big boy undies. Sam was trained in no time.

    Good Luck.

  3. Although you don't want to push him, this may be a good time to start introducing the idea of using the potty. Maybe he would like using "big boy" underwear. Every child is different, so it's hard to know. Just follow his lead, he may be ready sooner than you think. If not, the concept will be familiar and he may show more interest in a few months.


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