March 18, 2008

Thrifty Tip - Mopping

If you're like me, and you can't stand sticky spots on the floor, you probably have a Clorox ready mop or the Swiffer version. The mop starter kit isn't too expensive, especially if you wait until there's a $5 off coupon for one in the paper. The mop comes with the solution and the mopping pads to get you started, and then you "must" buy refills when those run out. However, I've found that you can make your own mopping solution (whatever you regularly use) and refill the mop solution dispenser and it works just as well. As for the one-time-only pads, you can use tri-fold cloth diapers, or even a cut-up old towel in the pad's place. Simply wash after using, and you're good to go for the next time!


  1. This is a great tip! Can you tell me how you make your mopping solution? Do you just use Spic and Span or something like that. I'd love to post this as a "frugal friends" tip this week. Thanks!

  2. To make my mopping solution, I just figured out how much cleaning product I used to how much water, and then shrank the portions down to fit the bottle size on the mop. My Clorox mop has a 24 ounce bottle, so I use 1/2 C generic pine sol (the lemon-scented kind), 1/2 C all-purpose cleaner (Clorox or Lysol, whichever's cheaper), and then 2 C hot water. I mix the solution in a bucket and then use a funnel to get it into the bottle. I should note that the cloth diapers work best with the Swiffer version, which has a larger mop head size. To use the diapers with the Clorox mop, you'll need to cut the diaper in half cross-wise first.


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