March 30, 2008

Monday Menu

Monday - Penne with Cherry Tomatoes and Italian Herb Breadsticks - when you can't afford Olive Garden, fake it at home
Tuesday - Cheeseburger Meat Loaf, mashed potatoes, green beans - I'll mix in some TVP with the meat to cut down on cost and fat
Wednesday - no clue, but chances are, we'll eat something
Thursday - Bible study night; leftovers
Friday - Playoff Burgers and fries - these burgers are actually cheeseburgers, but the cheese is inside - very yummy! For the fries, I'm going to try a recipe that claims to make the fries taste similar to McD's
Saturday - Chicken Scallopini and Cheesy Garlic Bread - I'll probably have a salad to go along with this, or throw some veggies in with the chicken
Sunday - get-together with friends; finger foods

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