March 16, 2008

Monday Menu

Wow! Half of a ham goes a long way. I froze almost all of the ham, so expect to see ham pop up a lot for a while in the menu plans. Here's what's coming up this week...

Monday – ham, asparagus, carrots, salad – I bought a bunch of romaine lettuce, since it's so much cheaper than the bagged salad kind. The only problem is that you get so much lettuce for your money. If we had a bigger family, it wouldn't be a problem. As it is now, we're eating salad every night at dinner for a few nights, which I don't really like.

Tuesday – meatloaf, salad, green beans – the meatloaf is made with ground turkey and TVP, so it's really cheap. I usually buy frozen green beans since they are cheaper than fresh, but Kroger was having fresh green beans at $1/LB, which is cheaper than frozen.

Wednesday – oven-fried chicken, instant mashed potatoes, biscuits, salad – Still using up the chicken in the freezer. I strayed from my menu plan last week and made a recipe that called for a ham bone (since I just happened to have one) and instant mashed potatoes. Meatloaf pretty much demands mashed potatoes, and I'm currently out of fresh potatoes. The biscuits are leftovers from last week.

Thursday – Bible study; leftovers or fend for yourself

Friday – payday! Out to eat! :)

Saturday - French toast and ham – I didn't make FT last week, instead I made Denver omelets (to use ham) and biscuits. Breakfast food is pretty cheap, so I might keep this breakfast food once-a-week thing going. Especially since I don't cook breakfast in the morning!

Sunday – Easter Sunday; eat with in-laws

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