February 7, 2008

A Trio of Tales

Tale #1: The B-i-b-l-e

We have devotions with BB each night before he goes to bed. Nothing fancy, just a simple Bible story out of a kid's Bible. BB has learned the word Bible, and he will point to any thick book and say "Bible?" The other day when we were shopping, we went by the book section and BB saw all the books there. He started saying, "Bible? Bible? Bible?" to which I replied the negative. Either he likes the double "b" sound of the word, or he really wanted a Bible at the time, because he kept saying "Bible? Bible?" throughout the rest of the trip there. Long after we had left the book section. People we giving us the strangest looks. I kept feeling as though I should have my head covered and be wearing a long skirt.

Tale #2: Sneak Attack
Last week, BB had a cold. As those of you with small children know, little kids can't blow their noses, so snot drips everywhere unless you do something about it. Even though we hadn't tried this since BB was a baby, I got out the bulb syringe and saline drops to try to clear him out. This is hard enough with a tiny baby; with a toddler who has enough brain power and coordination to effectively fight, it's impossible. In the ensuing struggle and the tantrum afterwards, I didn't put up the bulb syringe. BB got a hold of the syringe, and sneak attacked me while I was sitting on the couch reading, by sticking the bulb syringe up my nose! Perhaps he felt I needed a taste of my own medicine.

Tale #3: Target bathroom
Up until this past Tuesday, I had avoided the problem of what to do when you have to use the restroom in a public setting and you have your small child with you. But on Tuesday, it couldn't be avoided. BB was strapped into the shopping cart, and I didn't want to take him out because I didn't want him finding something and eating it off of the bathroom floor. The handicap bathroom stalls aren't big enough to accommodate a shopping cart, but the unisex bathroom by the pharmacy section is. So off we went to the pharmacy section. BB was all wide-eyed as I opened the door and closed it behind us. He loves going new places, and when he goes someplace new, he gets excited. Have I ever mentioned that BB screams when he gets excited? Which is precisely what BB started to do, in a very loud voice. Unless you know BB, you don't know that these are happy screams when you hear them. The more I tried to shush him and distract him, the louder he screamed. After a few attempts I realized that someone on the outside of the door would be hearing BB screaming and me trying to hush him, and would probably call 911. So I just tried to leave as fast as I could. I expected there to be a crowd gathered around outside the door, but no one seemed to pay any attention to us. There were several people in the area, however; I wonder what they thought? I don't know if it's good or bad that no one was alarmed.

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