December 15, 2007

The Perfect Christmas

1. would have snow
2. would take place in a log cabin
3. wouldn't require any driving to see family members
4. would have a crackling fire place
5. would have a train going around the tree
6. would have Christmas carols playing on records
7. would have a perfectly cooked Christmas Day dinner
8. would have only well-thought, possibly homemade, presents
9. would have a tree so tall and wide I would run out of ornaments
10. would begin and end with everyone in a good mood


  1. Heather's perfect Christmas list: 10 entries, time spent writing it:
    less than 10 minutes, time spent thinking about it: much longer, the spirit of this entry: priceless! (It sounds like my perfect Christmas, too, especially if you add a sleigh ride through that new fallen snow. I want to be in a little New England town nestled in a valley - like on Christmas cards with the church all aglow and a town square.)Love, Miss Danna

  2. (Z) I agree, Hea. By the way, I have your cake plate donut dish thingy :)

  3. I will have this Christmas someday--maybe only once--but I'll have it.

    I hope you will too.


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