November 21, 2007


As everyone who knows BB is aware of, the boy loves cars. Car was one of his first words, he had a car themed birthday party, he has over 20 cars as toys... Whenever we go out and about, BB is quick to point out all of the cars that he sees. Since the boy loves cars so much, we tend to pick out clothes that have cars on them. On Monday, BB was wearing his car pajamas and playing with his toys when he looked down at his clothes and the light bulb went on. “Ca! Ca!” he exclaimed, pointing out the car that he saw on his pajamas. Then he realized that his pajamas are covered in cars, all over his arms, legs and torso. “Ca, ca, ca, ca...” he went on, pointing to each new car that he came across. After he pointed out about 10 of the cars, he went back to playing. This lasted for a few minutes when he looked down at his pajamas again. “Ca!” he cried out once more, as though he had not already realized this. He then proceeded to point out several cars that he spotted on his clothes just as he had done before. Once again, he resumed playing, only to notice the cars again. He did this 3 or 4 times before he stopped. Since doing this, he will now look through his pictures to find pictures of himself wearing cars on his clothes and he will bring me the pictures saying, “Ca! Ca!” He will point out the car in the picture, and then walk away with the picture only to return in a minute and repeat the process again. He's making connections, which is good. I'm glad that there is a brain in that head of his. I just hope that he doesn't do this with everything, or we're in for a long few months. BTW, he has decided that all men are “daddy,” and he calls out “Daddy!” to every guy that he sees, either in a picture or in person. It was cute until we went to the store and he did this. I bet everyone in Target feels sorry for that poor baby who doesn't know his daddy and is desperate for one.

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