September 11, 2007

6 Reflections

Today it's been six years since that terrible Tuesday morning. In some ways, it seems like it was another lifetime ago. Here are just a few thought that I've had in the past few days:

1. Thank you, God, that none of my family was hurt. My aunts both used to work at banks that were located at the World Trade Center. Thankfully, the banks moved after the first attack in the 90's. As part of my dad's job, he flies a lot. He could have easily been on a flight that day. Also as part of my dad's job, he has had to go to the Pentagon before.
2. We should have been more aggressive in attacking Afghanistan. I think the U.S. lost a lot of respect when we didn't take the most aggressive route. Cultures that are less developed don't understand or respect diplomacy or moderation. We have jets, we have nukes. If we had nuked a few of those mountain caves, we might have been able to avoid Iraq, and "I'madurnnutjob" in Iran might have decided to shut up.
3. I think that all TV channels should do nothing but replay the footage on the anniversary. Run a footer at the bottom of the screen with the current news, but don't let people forget. There are schools that refuse to talk about 9/11. There are quacks who say that dwelling on the past prevents healing. Judging by the appearance and then disappearance of the flag after 9/11, I'd say that we've healed a little too well. We need to remember, at least one day a year, or we're doomed to repeat it.
4. Cindy Sheehan and all of the other liberal psychos should personally experience a terrorist attack. I'm sorry her son died, but he enlisted. That means he wanted to serve. He did the right thing.
5. I understand that only "5-10%" of Muslims are fanatical, but why would you stay a religion that has become so personified with jihad? If there are 95% of this religion that are peaceful, why don't they do something about the minority?
6. I wonder how many years it will take before 9/11 becomes like Pearl Harbor Day. I know that as a kid, that day meant nothing to me. Even though both grandfathers fought in WWII. I'm willing to bet that it will take a shorter time for 9/11 to become irrelevant than it did for Pearl Harbor Day.

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