August 23, 2007

Baby, Don't Touch!

On Tuesday, I was unloading the dishwasher and BB was playing with the detergent cup on the inside of the dishwasher's door. He is convinced that the dishwasher is a toy just for him, and it is useless to try to distract him with something else when the dishwasher is open. I turned around to place something in the cabinet, and I heard BB give a little cough. I didn't think anything about it until I turned back around. BB's little cough had been him throwing up onto the dishwasher door, and he was happily finger painting with both hands in his barf. UGH! How can a little boy with such a germophobic mom find so many ways to gross her out? I realize that this and the last entry really sound like my house should be condemned by the board of health - I promise it's not bad! I do clean up the messes when they happen, they just happen a lot.
On a less gross note, BB learned on Monday how to nod his head yes (which he does whenever I shake my head no), and this past weekend he learned how to raise both arms straight above his head to show he's "so big"! He is learning a lot of new words, but not typical baby words. My mom has taught him to say ceiling, clock, fan, and light. I would have settled for nose, ear, eye, mouth, but hey - preschool is still a few years away. BB will just be the child with the odd vocabulary in playschool next year.

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