July 18, 2007

Juice Angel

Today BB was playing with his sippy cup of juice while sitting on the kitchen floor, as I was getting a few things together in the kitchen in preparation for the Daytona trip this weekend. I should have realized the danger in BB being quiet, but he was only a foot away from me, so what could he do? Plenty! BB twisted the lid off of his sippy cup and poured the juice onto the floor and was amusing himself by finger painting with both hands in the juice puddle. I don't know how long it went on, as my attention to this was only gained by BB laughing at his cleverness. When I said "Oh! no, baby, no baby, no!" BB immediately threw himself tummy side down onto the puddle (to protect it?) and began to make a juice angel by waving his arms and legs in the puddle. He thought that this was even more fun than the finger painting, and was laughing quite hard as I tried to scoot him out of the way to clean up the mess. He kept trying to crawl back into the puddle, but as the floor was slick, he would just slide on the floor. Good thing he was crawling and not walking!

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