August 22, 2012

Well, he is funny...

Perhaps someone else out there knows what it is like to wake up one morning in opposite land. You could have sworn you said one thing, but your child acts as though you said the opposite, At my house, we've been in opposite world for years now. But on the bright side, my contrary kid is at least funny...

I'm going to close your door because you don't need to hear what I'm playing. It's too violent.

When Grace is a kid I'm going to ask God for Joshua so we can be twelveplets (he meant triplets).

Mommy! You have tiny spikes all over your legs!

BB: Can I have something else to eat?
Me: Sure, you can have fruit.
BB: No fruit!
Me: How about some cherries?
BB: Oh yeah, I love cherries!

Squedgy: the condition of wearing a wet shirt that is hard to get off.

BB wisdom: If you stick a fork in an outlet you would be electricicuted.
BB fact: Ben (his uncle) gladuated from high school.

Mom, dinosaurs were around when you were a little girl, right?

Mommy, don't bother me. That's a bad habit to get into.


(upon seeing a picture of a corded phone) Mom, what's that?

Mom, that's not a Martian it's an alien!

10/5/11I know everything except what I do not know. I am serious.

(regarding schoolwork) I can't think about that. I don't have any brains today.

BB(on a long car ride): What does the P with a line through it mean?
DH: No parking.
BB: Oh, I thought it meant don't pee on the road

Mommy, why do you still have a big tummy? Grace is out.

I'll never eat a possum. I'll only eat spam.

Grace is my favorite sister.

Hey I've been looking for this block for thousand and thousand and thousand of years.
I changed my mind about wanting a baby brother. I might as well have a baby sister.

Grace is the calmest person in my world. And she's pretty.

Remember the spider that was four feet long and one foot tall that was crawling along the living room and I got scared and died?


I'm gonna get u a long sleeve shirt that says I love mommy on it and that's gonna be the bestest shirt a mommy can wear.


The only thing I want to eat is meat. I'm a meat eater, just like the t-Rex.

Is the candy wax made out of ear wax?

Haven't you gotten tired of telling me what to do yet?

I wish I was wearing long sleeves so I wouldn't have to get a Kleenex.
Have you gotten your mother's day present yet? It's jewelry.

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