November 8, 2010

My Multitude Monday #27

holy experience

#305 the anticipation of Christmas
#306 easy access to the Word of God
#307 down comforters
#308 reds, golds, and oranges decorating the backyard
#309 an extra hour of sleep
#310 belly laughs
#311 the end pieces on a loaf of bread
#312 old sweatshirts worn year after year
#313 planning Christmas crafts
#314 scarves
#315 comic books
#316 my new favorite breakfast
#317 freedom to vote
#318 a little boy who adds "forgive me for what I did bad and help me do what is right" to his prayers, without prompting - although we do talk about this all day ;)

1 comment:

  1. Mmm . .. I love adding things to oatmeal . . . bananas and chocolate chips, apples and walnuts. Perfect winter breakfast!

    I'm anticipating Christmas with you -- love planning the crafts and making out the cards and shopping and wrapping and baking! The anticipation is nearly as good as the actual thing! And old sweatshirts, and extra hour of sleep and scarves. Yes! Fall is here!


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