November 1, 2010

My Multitude Monday #26

holy experience

#290 guardian angels while driving
#291 teeny-tiny trick or treaters who can barely carry their buckets
#292 wiggly baby cheeks
#293 new music for my iPod
#294 cool night air
#295 progress made on the porch project
#296 a husband who is willing to spend his free time on our house
#297 excitement over a new month
#298 cartoons enjoyed as a child and finding them as good as remembered
#299 a new Jan Karon book
#300 the first blank page of a new paper journal
#301 breakfast in bed for no reason
#302 grandparents who spontaneously take their grandson for outings
#303 the feeling you get when you're done dusting a room
#304 BB mondegreens


  1. oh, how i love opening a new journal!! a new pen to go along with it i divine :)

  2. So you like Jan Karon, too. She is probably my favorite novelist. Look forward to reading this new one.


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