September 6, 2010

My Multitude Monday #21

I'll be honest; today finds me in an unthankful mood. Today I need to look for the gifts more than ever. So today, while I am struggling, I am thankful that:
#225. I am redeemed
#226. My sins are not only forgiven, but forgotten
#227. God doesn't grade sins according to how "bad" the sins are
#228. I didn't do anything to earn my salvation
#229. All have sinned - so no one person can judge
#230. If I confess my sins, He is faithful to forgive
#231. God convicts me of being prideful
#232. God forgives me for being prideful
#233. There is always hope for new beginnings
#234. God has used my past to give me my present
#235. God will forgive me again, even for the same sin
#236. There but for the grace of God...


  1. oh yes, drink that gratitude medicine! the perfect antidote to a bad day! will pray for you

  2. Dear Heather, I hear you-you are not alone. Some days try us hard. Some days all you can do is look up and say "Jesus I trust in You!" Praying for you today...Trish

  3. Oh, may your feel the oil of joy poured out on you this week as you have expressed your gratitude for the gift that is the most precious and treasured we could ever receive.
    A beautiful, beautiful list!
    grace and peace to you


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