August 26, 2010

Thrift Thursday: Your Secret Weapon

Today, my tip is the most powerful tip for being thrifty - your attitude. When you pursue a frugal/thrifty lifestyle, you can view it one of two ways: "Poor me, I never get to buy anything full price. I'm always having to make sure I get the lowest prices, wah, wah, wah." OR you can tell yourself: "I am trying to be the best steward of my resources that I can be. My actions now will have a positive effect on my future."
Case in point: as readers of my blog know, my husband and I bought a new (to us) house last Fall. There are several rooms that still have things that "bug" me. I would love to redo the kitchen to be more efficient, replace the 1970's shower and tub in the bathrooms, etc. However, our house needs a new roof. A roof has to be the least exciting thing to save up for. You really never look at the roof or think about it unless something is wrong with it. I could go ahead and make the improvements I want to make on the interior of the house, and put the big roof expense on credit, or get a loan. But that would have me be a good steward of my resources. Saving up and paying in cash will be better in the long run. Right now, I can have a pity party when I look at the lovely kitchens and baths in blogland and in magazines. Or I can look at them and save away the images for the future. I choose to do the later, telling myself that by waiting, I will have an even better kitchen in the long run.
I don't always have a great attitude about money and things. There are things that we have done to improve the house already (such as our mini master bath remodel). But by and large, I try to keep these things in mind when I shop and when I see things I don't like about my house:
  • What I have works fine. I might not like it, but it works. I have things 100 times better than most of the world.
  • Use it up, wear it out. Make it do, or do without (wisdom from an earlier generation).
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  1. Thanks for this, Heather. I've been really struggling with being grateful and have been telling myself point number one a whole lot lately!

  2. So, so true. Being thrifty and saving money means nothing unless the attitude of our heart is right! Wonderful reminder.


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