March 24, 2010

WFMW: Sunscreen Tip

After my dermatologist removed a mole from my leg this past February, she reminded me that sunscreen should be replaced every year. Being the quasi-frugal girl that I am, I've always ignored this tip. I've been known to cut squeeze bottles of lotion, sunscreen and makeup open just to scrape the last little bit out. I've rarely managed to use a entire tube of sunscreen a summer, so I typically save them.
But now that I've had a dysplastic mole (and the scar to match - goodbye, shorts), I'm changing my tune. On my last trip to Target, I got new sunscreen and I tossed my old stash when I got home. To help me remember to toss this bottle later, I've written "2010" on it with a Sharpie. Come summer of 2011, this bottle will be going in the trash. Sometimes, it's better to be safe that to save a few bucks!


  1. Ugh. Seriously? We're suppose to get new bottles every year?! I completely stocked up on sunscreen last year :(

    But I do agree, better to be safe than save a few bucks....tear...

  2. Yes! This is something a lot of people forget to do. Great tip!

    I am following your blog now!

  3. I've always wondered how necessary it is to replace sunscreen. I still don't know. I usually go by the expiration on the bottles which are usually good for 2-3 years. My husband works outside and we don't see a difference in sun protection as long as it is not an expired bottle. Do you know the reason for replacing every year?

  4. Great idea! I do this with my kitchen spices, but I hadn't thought of putting the date on sunscreen.(I had a premelanoma removed in Jan and also have a nice big scar.)

  5. Wow. I had no idea that they expire that soon. I'm sure I have sunscreen from at least four years back. I'm going to take your advice for sure seeing as we live in sunny California now. Thanks. And I'm officially following you now. I like your style.


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