February 16, 2010


Turning 29 has me feeling like I'm on my last year of youth. I feel the need to make this year count, to be memorable. My life is different from how I thought my life at 29 was going to be. I thought I would either have my doctorate and a career, or I would be a mom to many. I have a bachelor's degree, no career, and one child. I don't regret this path. But I do feel like I've prepared for something only to have fallen short.


  1. Praying you find comfort and peace today. (Twenty-nine is not so bad.)

  2. I understand. I thought I'd be in a totally different place, too, than where I am.... but, I think, that's the beauty of life.

    God has beautiful plans for your life. May this next year bring new and wonderful adventures. May you have a peace that far exceeds human understanding. May you have joy unspeakable.

    Happy 29th!

  3. I'm sorry you've been feeling down, but you are not giving yourself enough credit, girl! You've accomplished a lot so far. A beautiful boy, a teaching degree/career in your back pocket, a nice home, and only 29??? That's pretty impressive if you ask me. :)


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