January 7, 2010

How 'Bout Some Holiday Pics?

(as if every other blogger on the planet hasn't already blogged and posted ad nauseum about their holidays)

Before Christmas -

DH and BB made a gingerbread house...
and after 7 years of marriage, we finally had a house that we could decorate outside.

Christmas -
BB opened 1 present early (he loves the Tom Slick cartoons on the old George series)...
and he finally got his Underdog cartoons that he's been talking about for months.
BB's big Christmas present from us was the RC car from Toy Story. In BB's mind, RC is the star of Toy Story.
After we opened presents, we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and ate some of the cake for breakfast.

Post Christmas -
BB got into the candy stash left from all of our stockings and looked like a country cousin...
I was glad that it was actually cold this holiday season. I hate having to wear short sleeves during Christmas. BB isn't quite so fond of the cold.

New Year's Eve - our best friends have an annual New Year's Eve masquerade party. Each person has to dress up as a specific character and the other party guests must guess their identity.
I went as Abby Sciuto from NCIS...
and DH went as Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph.
All in all, it was a great holiday season!


  1. Aw, who cares if everyone has already posted Christmas pictures. They are so much fun to see. Love the RC...my boys would be thrilled. (A few Toy Story things were under our tree, too.)

  2. Ha! That Yukon Cornelius costume is AWESOME :) That so fun.

    So glad you all had a great holiday!



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