November 30, 2009

Make Merry Swap

For my swap, my person is receiving this set of Christmas pillar candles:

The candles measure 6", 4", and 2". While I didn't make the candles, I did decorate the outside. I hope my person enjoys them!
To decorate the candles, I bought packs of cinnamon sticks at the dollar store, and one pack of mini Christmas embellishments. Using a sharp knife, I scored the straighter cinnamon sticks the desired length and then snapped them. With my hot glue gun, I then glued them one by one around the perimeter of the candle. After I finished with that, it was just a matter of gluing the ribbon in place and adding the trim.


  1. Those are really pretty, and the exact type of "quickie craft" I love to do! I hadn't thought of looking for cinnamon sticks at the dollar store.

    Thanks for linking to me today. I was so excited tonight when I logged on and found three little "joiners"! ;)


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