June 3, 2009

BB Says the Darndest Things

All overheard today in the space of 5 minutes...

"Mommy! My drink! It's not milk, it's not juice, it's not chocolate... it's COFFEE!"
"Aw, my leg. Mommy, what happened to my leg?"
"I don't know, baby - what happened to your leg?"
"I broke it! I broke it all to pieces! But it's getting better."
[While we are in the car going down the road that leads to our street]
"Mommy! Mommy, wait! Go there! (pointing to a side street) That's the donuts! Let's get donuts!"
Surprisingly, the road he pointed to really does lead to DD. I promise y'all we really don't get donuts that often, especially lately.


  1. Oh he knows where the donuts are! That is too funny!

  2. My son seems to know what fries are... whenever we go through a drive-thru (I am a sucker for McDonalds $1 Large Diet Coke) he says "fries? fries?" I've started calling those sliced apples "fries" so I can give him them!

    Must be my husband, right??

  3. Too cute!! :-) Gotta love it when they say things that make you laugh.

  4. What a sweetheart!

    Isn't it amazing how they can remember which street to go down to find the important thing- like donuts, or Mcdonalds!

    Sometimes I think my little guy has a better sense of direction than I do :)

  5. I love little kid quotes. The leg one is pretty cute. :) Poor little man.

    The fact that he knows where Dunkin Donuts is - I tell you, kids memorize that stuff the first time. Even if you never go there again, they will still know how to get to a treat.


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