May 28, 2009

Wall of Frames

I've always wanted a wall of frames, and I determined that once I lived in my dream house, I would do just that. Actually, there are a lot of things that I plan to do to my house once I live in my dream house. Things that take time and effort; things that would make the house fit my tastes. I own the house that I currently live in, so I am free to do whatever I want to do. Yet I don't, because this house is not my dream house.
Lately, thanks to blogs such as Nesting Place and lifeingrace, I have started to wonder: just exactly what do I accomplish by putting things off? Do I think that by not fixing up my current house, I am somehow punishing it for not being my dream house? Newsflash, Heather - the house doesn't care. I am only punishing myself by putting things off for a future house.
So, this weekend, DH and I (and as you all know, more DH than I) set about doing some things around this house. One project:Ignore the ugly ceiling fan, the mushed pillows on the couch, and the glare on the pictures. Just look at the wall. This wall speaks of history. We have childhood pictures, a print of a favorite painting, group pictures of our families, and drawings that DH drew for me when we were dating. Every piece on the wall holds a memory. And that's how a house should be.
The wall isn't finished yet; as I find interesting things to put up on the wall, I'll do so, placing the picture I took down elsewhere in the room. This project took nearly every picture frame I have! But this wall is closer to being done than it ever has been before.
We have always been careful making holes in the walls, because after all, we were going to sell the house after 3 years. We reached 3 years last May. On Monday, we will have owned this house for 4 years. Given the economy, we plan on staying put for now. In the upcoming months, expect to see some more posts concerning projects around the house.
In the meantime, does anyone know a trick for getting a picture to stay straight? I have half a dozen that are driving me crazy!


  1. You could try that sticky tack stuff that teachers use... but over time it might leave a bit of a mark on the wall... but it's nothing a coat of paint couldn't fix.

  2. No tricks, great wall! We are also now hitting the time point when I was sure we would have moved (7 yrs) and with no plans to move are addressing the backsplash in the kitchen I have want to change since we moved in.

  3. Yay for making your house you live in now your dream house!

    I always use that sticky tack stuff that you can use to hang posters. It works wonders.

    Happy day!


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