May 20, 2009

Updated Blog List

If you check over on the right sidebar, you will notice that I have updated my list of blogs that I read. While I may not agree with everything on all of these blogs, I feel that overall the blogs are enjoyable and/or informative. My apologies for not updating this list sooner! I read my blogs through Google Reader, so I tend to forget that I have a blog list up on my blog's page.


  1. I just realized I haven't been over here in forever! Gosh, how are you doing?! Thanks for adding my blog over there- I'm so glad you enjoy it! :) And now I've got to go check some of those other's out.. 'cause you know, I just NEED more blogs to read!! Take care!

  2. What is Google Reader and how do I get it? LOL! Everyone seems to be mentioning it lately. Is it really that much better?

  3. Hey you! I've gifted you with an award over at my blog. So, pick it up and enjoy the superstardom. :)


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