May 18, 2009

My Monday

Monday morning, DH had a flat tire on his car. His flat tire reminded me that since we have to drive to Florida for my sister's baby, it would be a good idea to check the tires on my car. I realized that I needed to get the tires rotated and balanced, so off BB and I went to Wal-Mart.
After 30 minutes or so, the mechanic paged me over the intercom. Pleased at how quickly my car was through, BB and I went to pick up our car, only to be met with bad news - two lugnuts wouldn't come off one tire. Wal-Mart's insurance prevents them from messing with stubborn lugnuts, so I was out of luck.
However, the mechanic felt certain that if we took my car to Sam's Club where I originally bought the tires, the mechanics there would be able to fix the problem.
When we got to Sam's, we shopped around for a few minutes, ate some lunch, and we were about to look at the toys when I heard my name paged.
Once again, I went to the automotive section pleased at how quickly the mechanics had worked on my car, only to be met with the manager of the section coming towards me. Apparently, when I bought the tires 5 months ago, the mechanic installing my tires misthreaded the two lugnuts that won't come off. Like Wal-Mart, their insurance prevents them from messing with a customer's lugnuts if there appears to be a problem. However, the manager felt certain that if I took my car to a larger car place, they would be able to fix the problem quickly. Since the lugnut problem was Sam's fault, they would even reimburse me.
Inconvienced but understanding, off we went. Once there, however, I was told to go to the dealership, which is on the other side of the town.
Are you beginning to see a pattern?
Once again, I load BB up in the car and get back on the interstate to drive to the other side of town. At the dealership, I explain the problem to the person on duty. She looks at the car, and calls in a mechanic. The mechanic looks at the car and calls in someone who appeared to be in charge. They conference for a few minutes, and research the parts on the internet.
At this point, I am starting to have doubts.
Finally, the person comes back over and tells me that they can fix the problem, but they'll have to order the parts. Their regulations won't permit them to order the parts until they have payment. Since Sam's is going to reimburse me, they want Sam's to pay them directly. The parts themselves will only run about $20 bucks, but after labor, the estimate is $345. Highly skilled labor, don't you think?
I was told to call Sam's and get verification that they will pay the dealership directly, and then the parts will be ordered. Estimate in hand, I head back to Sam's.
When I tell the price of the estimate to the manager of automotive, I am told to call the manager of the store. When I call the manager of the store, I am told that they cannot approve an expense of that amount, due to their regulations. However, they will file a claim with their insurance company and their insurance company will call me to check out my story.
If the insurance company accepts the claim, then Sam's will be authrorized to pay the dealership. If Sam's pays the dealership, the dealership will order the parts. Once the dealership orders the parts, the parts should arrive in 3-5 business days. Once the parts arrive, the dealership can replace the parts on my car. Once my car has the parts replaced, I can go to Sam's to get my tires rotated.
All told, I spent 5 hours yesterday on a 30-minute errand.
Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?


  1. This is why I hate dealing with anything car related.

  2. My gosh - I would have LOST it. I don't do anything with the cars anymore because I've gotten taken advantage of more than once... so John handles it because they won't try as much crap with him.

  3. My head exploded just reading all that.

  4. That is unbelievable!!! I hope that it all gets worked out quickly somehow!!

  5. Oh goodness. I'm tried and frustrated just reading that! Grrrrr!

  6. Sorry for laughing but just reading this is too funny. I think I wouldn't have taken it as well as you seem to. Hope you get your car fixed soon.


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