April 4, 2009

Prayer Requests

I follow a lot of blogs, with many of the blogs listing prayer requests as needed. I try to remember and keep track of each requests that I hear about, but it can be difficult. I thought that I would have this post (and also a page - see above this post) up on my blog for people to inform others and to give a way to share.
If you have a prayer request that you would like to share, please add your request in the comments for this post, and I will add it to the list here. If you give a prayer request for the list, please feel free to comment with any updates about the request. Seeing the power of prayer in action is an encouragement to all believers and especially for those who lifted the item up in prayer.
To keep the list somewhat manageable, I will sort the new requests by week, running from Sunday through that Saturday. The current week's requests and updates will be posted at the top of this post, immediately following this paragraph. Each previous week will be below the current week. I initially planned on posting prayer requests that I knew about from the blogs that I read, but I felt that I should perhaps leave that open for the person with the request. To start off, I'll just give mine:

Prayer Requests, Week of 4/12/09 - 4/18/09
1) from Kim: please pray that the second round of fertility treatment is successful for Kim.
2) from Faye: please pray for Faye's daughter as she hosts an autism conference today (4/15) in Rome, GA. Her daughter became involved in autism after her son, Noah, was diagnosed with autism. UPDATE: conference was a success!

Prayer Requests, Week of 4/5/09 - 4/11/09

1) from Heather: direction regarding the church that my family and I should attend. DH and I have been going back and forth about church since BB was born. We're not pleased with the current direction SB churches in our city are taking, yet we believe more closely with SB than we do other denominations. We're tired of looking around and debating; we'd like to find a church home.
2) from Heather: our government. We probably all have this request. Regardless of your political beliefs, there's no denying that our country is in trouble. We need our leaders to make the right decisions.
3) from Heather: our troops. I live in a military town. Apart from college, I have always lived in various military towns. I know many military members. Deployment is rough not only on the person deployed, but also on the family and friends left behind.

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  1. I think what you are doing here is awesome! If you have time, add your requests to the 5:16 forum so you have even more women praying!


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