April 20, 2009


As readers of my blog know, I have been trying to eat healthier and exercise more. I've signed up for the 30 x 5 challenge, joined a gym, and I am tracking calories over at Spark People.
I have exercised every day since last Tuesday, except for Sunday. I hope to make this a new lifestyle for me, but I'll be honest. Right now, my efforts are also to fit into a dress come August 1st. My friend is getting married and the dress does not fit. As in, not even close.
I have ordered the biggest size dress that the company makes, so going up in size is not an option. I have to lose weight. And quickly. As of today, there are 102 days until the wedding. I'm going to round off and call it an even 100. I am guessing that I need to be about 3 dress sizes smaller, which is 20-40 pounds that I need to lose. I've never done that in my life. I've lost 25 pounds once, over a course of 5 months. I've never tried anything like this before. Drastic measures are called for.
In an attempt to motivate myself to reach new heights of self-discipline, here are some motivational posters I'll be using to help keep me focused on my goal.

Okay, this has nothing to do with dieting. But I thought it was funny (and pretty accurate). Does William Shatner do commercials for a law office where you live, or is it just here in Georgia?

Mmm... yummy. A big juicy burger on a fat sesame bun slathered with ketchup, mustard... but I digress. That has nothing to do with dieting. I wonder if you put some lettuce and tomato on it, you might be able to get away with calling it a side salad?

I hear caffeine is good for losing weight. I'm tempted to think this isn't true though. Programmers really do live on caffeine, and a lot of them are fat.

Perhaps this church would allow me to run up and down the aisle, a la Rocky? I bet I might even be able to do this during the church service, judging from what goes on in some places...

So THIS is what I've been doing wrong! Man, all this time I kept taking BB for walks and I never got any results!
All kidding aside, though, this one says the truth:

The only problem with this one is that it makes me think of donuts. You know the kind with sugar and cinnamon on the outside? I don't normally eat that kind, but it sounds really good at the moment.
I leave you with this:

Yeah, it doesn't have anything to do with dieting either. But any post about motivational posters must include this.


  1. Good luck with the weight loss! I watch the Biggest Looser program just to reassure myself that huge people can work out like athletes and live to tell about it. So far, I haven't been brave, but I must start soon. Must NEVER outweigh the husband.

  2. You can do it! Let me know if you have questions on anything!

  3. Funky Kim: Yes, it has always been a priority of mine to NEVER outweigh the husband! :) So far I've succeeded except for when I was pregnant. But as we all know, preggo pounds don't count!

  4. Can I just tell you to make sure to ONLY weigh yourself once a week?! Please... trust me... you CAN drive yourself completely bonkers!

  5. Oh, the Dr. Phil one really cracked me up!

    I had to lose 10 lbs. to fit in a bridesmaid dress last year - nothing motivates you like the possibility of not being able to zip your dress! You can totally do it!

  6. Bahahahahaha....I love this post.
    I love the Dr. Phil one "Don't try to sugar coat it, because you'll eat that too!"
    So true. So funny!

    I'm in a wedding at the end of May. I've been wanting to get going on the whole eating good an exercising thing since January...but I've procrastinated....maybe my problem is that I still haven't found a dress yet. (we get to wear whatever black dress we want) I'd better get cracking, it's almost may....

    Good luck.
    Can't wait to hear how you're doing!



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