March 4, 2009

BB Update

We had an appointment with BB's doctor this morning. He took another X-ray of BB's leg. The doctor said that everything is healing nicely. Only 5 more weeks to go!

BB has finally allowed us to flip him onto his stomach. This is good because it changes the pressure points on his body, and it also allows BB to play with his toys some.

Who says a body cast can't have it's uses? All in all, BB has adapted pretty well to the cast. He will occasionally complain, but he's pretty good-natured. I think this whole event is harder on DH and I than it is on him - at least until the cast starts itching!
Thank you to everyone who has called, e-mailed, and given help so far. Keep us in your prayers!


  1. Oh bless him! I love that you said "only 5 more weeks" BLESS YOU!

  2. And it makes a rad cup holder.


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