March 16, 2009

7 Little Things that Make Me Disproportionally Happy

The "other Heather" at Want What You Have tagged her blogroll for this meme. I just love memes!
In no particular order, here at my seven:
1) Knowing the answer to a question that the teacher asks. I don't know why I enjoy this, other than I'm prideful and I like to show off how much I know. Not a good character trait, but who doesn't like knowing the right answer?
2) Finding the perfect something for a room in my house. I am perpetually working on decorating my house. I don't usually have a set something in my mind, I just know it when I see it, or when I think of it. I get especially happy if I can find the right thing for cheap!
3) Getting or giving presents. Everyone likes getting presents, but I also really like giving presents to someone if I know I've done particularly well on finding their present. I recently finished a scrapbook for my sister, who is due with her first baby in June. I kinda wanted to wait to give it to her when I see her for her baby's birth, but I couldn't wait that long.
4) In most cases, pregnancy. I get super excited when I think I might be pregnant (at least I do nowadays). I also get really happy when I find out that a friend is expecting.
5) Organizing something that was really messy. I don't know why, I just like this. I think it's the rush of the before/after comparing.
6) Having free time that's truly free. One day a week my mom watches BB so that I can go run errands. I do look forward to that time, but when I happen to have a bonus day, I get really excited. I like to piddle around at different stores and "waste" time.
7) Diamonds. Need I say more? I love my engagement/wedding/anniversary set. It's not frugal, it's not practical, but when it's clean, it's sparkly! Sparkly is good...
If you have read this, consider yourself tagged!


  1. I love time to myself too. It is such a rare treat for me. :)

  2. Really cute. Suddenly, I feel less insane about the 7 things that make me disproportionally happy. :)

    Hope you don't mind, I'm going to swipe this for tomorrow's entry.

  3. Glitter is sparkly - that's why I love it ... and diamonds too! I love your ring set as well! Miss Danna

  4. Hi Heather -
    Thanks for stopping by to say Hi the other day - its great to meet you! i enjoyed reading your post - it is nice to meet another Georgia girl! I look forward to getting to know you better through your blog
    Blessings to you,


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