February 17, 2009

WFMW: Cheap & Crafty Present

Before I begin, I must apologize for the poor picture quality. The finished product looked much nicer in person. BB had discovered my hiding spot for the gift and had played with the present 5 minutes before DH was due home. I threw the present back together and snapped a quick pic right before I gave it to DH.

My hubby is hard to shop for without going to a video game store. I wanted to get him something more personal than a new game for Valentine's Day, so I copied the candy bar bouquets you see at the grocery store this time of year. Mine isn't as fancy as the store-bought ones, but I easily could have added some fancy paper. I knew DH wouldn't care about that, though, so I saved myself the trouble. I used one of our large drinking glasses, placed a glass votive holder inside the glass to add more weight to the cup, and then filled it up with red marbles. I then took assorted candy bars, taped them to skewer sticks, and stuck the sticks in between the marbles. To finish it, I added some shredded tissue paper on top and tied some extra ribbon I had around the glass. Since I used so many materials that I already had on hand, the total cost of the present was only $4! DH was very impressed with my creative frugality!


  1. We made something similar for a women's retreat one time and left a candy bouquet in each hotel room for the ladies to enjoy as they arrived for the weekend. Doing it yourself is much cheaper and yours came out really great!

  2. What a great idea! I love it. That's totally something my husband would enjoy.

  3. Very cute idea! I always love it if I can make it myself, cheaper!

  4. Great Idea. Simple but appreciated!


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