January 8, 2009

7 Quick Takes 1/9/09

1. If you are going to post a video on YouTube of your model cars racing and crashing, clean the floor first. Unless the toy car running over the dead roach was meant to be part of the video.
2. When you pull too hard and accidetally rip the tab off a brand-new diaper, are you thrifty or miserly to use duct tape to hold the diaper in place?

3. I know I've asked this question before, but is the first toilet still the cleanest toilet in a public bathroom? If you've seen the daytime talk shows, they always say that the first toilet is the cleanest in the women's bathroom. Apparently we women like to get far from the door when we pee. But if everyone has heard this tidbit, wouldn't the first toilet now be the dirtiest?
4. I am not a bad mom for leaving BB in his pjs all day because he looked so adorable in them. Can you blame me?
5. I have my friend Renee to blame/thank for this one. Live Healthy America is hosting a 100-day challenge where people can sign up on teams and compete. Teams win points through weight loss and physical activity. The event runs January 14 - April 23rd. I am not looking forward to this, but I know this is something I need to do.
6. I wish I had the all-encompasing wisdom regarding parenting that I possessed before I had my kid.
7. For those of you who don't know, this is National Delurking Week. If you've been reading my blog any when I'm not just participating in a carnival, please leave a comment :)
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  1. lol @ the ducktape on the diaper! :)

    (this is my first time to your blog,so i'm not delurking.)

  2. My brother-in-law carries duct tape around with him EVERYWHERE! I am definitely going to ask him if he taped my neice's diaper shut with it before :-P

  3. Duct tape on a diaper...now that is something that I haven't seen before. Is this a family photo? :)

    I love your list of randomness. Definitely made me de-lurk to tell you so. That, and to say that you are definitely not a "bad" Mom by letting your son stay in his pj's all day. Isn't that what being a kid is all about?


  4. Payton (my 20 month old) realy likes to remove her pants and diaper so she can run around 'free'. My Dh solved the problem by duck taping the tabs shut on her diaper.

  5. I stopped by after you commented - that's a rule of mine. As for the duct tape-nahhh. I'd throw it out. And then curse myself when I ran out of diapers a few days later!

  6. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog too. Your quick takes are funny, and I just saw your list of books in the post below. I think I'll probably work my way through them for my kids since a blog is easier to find than holding on to a library book forever.

    And those pj's are adorable and comfy looking. Don't you wish we could spend all day in our 'jamas too sometimes? :)

  7. This is my first lurk at your blog, but I still thought I'd say hi! :) I'm all about using tape on a good diaper. And yes, it would be hard to take a muffin that cute out of jammies.

    Stopped by from Bowl Full Of Barry's. I'll check back sometime soon.

  8. If you're duct taping a diaper, you must be southern, in spirit if not in geography! I would double up when the tapes tore. I'd put the torn diaper inside a good diaper, then when the inner diaper was soiled, I still had the diaper with the good tapes. (No duct tape handy, obviously.) I've also heard of mommies using the duct tape method on kids whoe have a tendency to remove their own diapers and make a mess. I enjoyed your quick takes. Not delurking, I'm a first timer.


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